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Hello, Dan. To make this as short and quick as possible, I have to pay for the damage done to this car, a 94 eclipse. The owner brought it to a "friend" and brought me the 1500 dollar estimate. It will cause some hurt feelings, etc. if I asked for 3 estimates, so my question is this- could you tell me if that 1500 bucks is an over-estimate worthy of me causing some anger over getting some more estimates  ? or, is it actually a fair price, or not too badly over-estimated ? ( I don't mind paying over a little to keep the peace ) Everyone else that has seen it has told me that they can't believe that it is that much.The damage is just what you see in the pictures, the estimate is for cutting out the damaged area, welding in replacement, and then blending the paint. I appreciate you taking the time to look at this, and I hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Hello Todd
GET three estimates!!!
Be sure the shops are pretty much equal in the the quality of work they produce
The amount does not seem to high. The way we confirm this is with other estimates.
So, get the three estimates and decide which shop you trust to do the repair
don't think to much about hurting someone's feelings , this is about a fair price for an acceptable repair
I am required to be one of three estimators on jobs for people I have been dealing with for years.Getting other estimates is not at all uncommon
This about money. Your money. Don't be bullied

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