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Auto body repair & detailing/Adhesive for use on car bumpers


Hello Gary,   I want to be able to attach plastic LED signs to auto bumpers.  Please find a sample sign attached.

  I can't use suction cups because the sign will get stolen, and I can't use screws because people won't want to screw anything onto their bumper.  Is there an adhesive that will allow the sign to be attached but not easily removed?  And when it is removed it won't damage the paint? I can put 'pads' on the rear of the sign so it doesn't need to be glued directly.

 Thank you,


Hi Michael,

I would suggest using double sided tape for your application. It is used to hold on body side moldings on all OEM cars. It's very strong and yet it is removable. Here's some links:

Auto body repair & detailing

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