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My mechanic called and told me that when he pulled the fuel tank off to replace the fuel pump on my '99 Lincoln Continental, he found a crack in the frame.  He said he didn't think I would want to put $500 into it with the cracked frame; so he put the tank back on.  I have never had an accident.  He did not mention any rust.  I was under my car when it was on a lift, 3 yrs ago, because the mechanic (different one) was so impressed that the car showed no rust or wear even as old as it was, he wanted to show me. 2 yrs ago, I had the neck ( the part where you put the nozzle when pumping gas) replaced on the fuel tank and nothing was said then about a crack.  What I'm getting at is I've been driving this car for 12 years and I don't know when or how the crack got there, and I really don't want to give it up.  Can I still drive it?  Do I have to junk it?  My husband is insisting I trade it in.  Sight unseen a dealer offered me $1500 for it on a trade-in.  I told him it needed a new fuel pump, but didn't mention the crack.  If it is dangerous and can't be repaired, I need to tell them.  Is it worth anything if has to be junked?  Other than the fuel pump and the crack, it's in beautiful shape.

Hi Lin!....A crack in a frame can be easily repaired, as long as it is done to factory specifications, and it is done properly....If it is not done properly, safety is compromised, and it will not perform the way engineers designed it to do in the case of an accident....Here in the the Province of Alberta, in which I live and work, it is also legal....Please check out your local State laws regarding a repair of this type, as they may have different rules and guidelines....If you don't want to give up the car, I would suggest that you take it to a local Autobody Shop for an estimate....Any reputable shop will offer you a free written estimate....From there, you can make a decision as to what you would like to do....If you decide to sell your vehicle without getting the repair done, I would DEFINITLY disclose something of this nature to the buyer....You might lose as few dollars on the sale, but at least you are not liable in the case of an accident ( and can sleep at night ), if it unfortunatly caused any personal injury, as it is up to the buyer then to decide on a repair or not....As far as still driving it, the same goes....This is a safety issue....And should be repaired....If there are any other concerns you have, please do not hesitate to drop me another line....Thanks....Dave

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