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QUESTION: On the estimate I recieved from Body shop it has the following.
Damage: RFT, RS

could you please tell me what these mean and locations for repairs.

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Kevin!...."RS" generally means Right Side, or sometimes referred to as "RHS" as in Right Hand Side. I honestly have never seen the abbreviation "RFT", but what immediately comes to mind, would be Right Front Tire. If you could send me a copy of the estimate, I should be able to determine either way....If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to drop me another line....Thanks for your question....Dave

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I have attatched a copy of estimate for your review.
This estimate is from 2011 and the situation is this. A check was sent to Sue Eckdahl and myself obviously as policy holder, for repairs totaling $2300.00. I had been gone working during this time until recently and was unaware a claim had been filed and check sent to Sue. Upon my return and recieving truck back in December 2012 there was damage to right passenger front and back door that looked old. I then had damage repaired in January of 2013 by auto body shop and check was made to them and me.
I swithched insurance companys and was notified of this claim that had been filed and paid in 2011. All indications are this was same damage that was never repaired and check was cashed and money pocketed. I am somewhat reluctant to believe less than year later  passenger side was damaged again same area.
That is the reason I am asking about the RFT and RS.

Hi again Kevin!....Thank you for sending me a copy of the Claim Summary. I was hoping it would have a more detailed description of the damage to your vehicle, similar to an Autobody Shop's Repair Estimate. My advice, would be for you to contact the original Autobody Shop that your vehicle was repaired in, and request a copy of the original estimate. (Any reputable shop should have absolutely no problem with this and supply one free of charge). The estimate will show line by line, in detail, part replacement or repairs, including labor times for repair and refinishing for each operation that was done. Most shops will also include a note on the estimate saying if there is previous or unrelated damage. Hopefully, they have made such a note, as this would definitely help clear things up. Also, and certainly most importantly, throughout the Autobody industry today, I have very rarely seen an insurance company that will pay a claim WITHOUT having pictures taken of the original damage. So I also suggest that you contact your original insurance company as well. Insurance companies will send their own adjuster out, or appoint one if they do not have one, to do exactly this. I can guarantee you that when they do, they ALWAYS make a note of previous or unrelated damage. That way, they are not on the hook for these repairs. Hopefully this helps you out, and gives you a starting point as to finding out what actually transpired....Please feel free to contact me anytime again, if there is any more info I can provide....Thanks again....Dave  

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