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Long story short, 06 Xterra, front impact, low speed, but hit above the bumpers structure, and smashed the grill, hood, and passenger fender. Im repairing myself with a combination of new aftermarket and used parts to keep the spend low.  I'll be letting a shop do the paint on the fender and hood, and my only other concern is the inner fender or body needs to be straightened. The front corner where the rad support and fender meet,  got pushed back about 2 inches, and you can see the front body mount is twisted, but still attached to the frame.   Is this sort of damage typicaly repairable?  If so, I plan to get it to a point where the damage is exposed, and the bent rad support and fender are removed, then have it towed to a nearby shop to have the straightening done, then bring it home for assembley. Will they need the new fender and rad support to make sure everything lines up? Thanks.

Hi Gary!....You are DEFINITLY on the right track, and doing everything in the correct order. As far as any type of straightening goes, yes, they will need all available sheet metal to ensure that all holes align correctly, and the gaps are within tolerance. From the image that you sent, I only have access to the first one, ( probably my fault ), showing all original sheet metal installed. But going from this picture, and my experience from the past, there should be no problem at all, having the inner structure repaired. If you can send me a picture of the vehicle torn down, and of the body mount where it is twisted, I can give you an idea as far as whether it would be best for repair or replacement of this item. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write back....Thanks....Dave

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