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I had an "in loving memory" decal applied to the rear window of my Jeep.  I am sick of looking at it.  I would like to remove it.  I don't have the ability to use a hair dryer (live in an apartment and no outlets in the parking lot).  I just want the stinking thing off my window, it's nothing but a constant reminder of a horrible thing and it's hard enough dealing with it as it is.  PLEASE help me to do this.

Hi Mercy,

I'm very sorry for your loss.

There are a few things you could try:

1. You can try a single edge razor blade scrapper. You have to be careful and keep the blade flat against the glass to keep from scratching the glass.

2. If you have a cordless drill you can use an eraser wheel such as this:

3. Kleanstrip makes a product called Decal and Adhesive remover that should break down the adhesive and help you get the decal off:

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