Auto body repair & detailing/Acrylic paint


I am painting a portable roller coaster
With acrylic paint and will not be clear coating it
Do I need hardner in paint

Hi Kevin,

It depends on the type of Acrylic paint it is. If it's Acrylic Enamel hardener is optional but will give chemical resistance, better gloss, and much better durability.

Acrylic Urethanes will require hardener. If sprayed without it they will either be sticky or won't be durable.

You could also have Acrylic Lacquer. Acrylic Lacquer does not use hardener.

As a general rule, if hardener is offered for the type paint you have it will make it better in some way. Now when using hardener you MUST wear a organic charcoal respirator like:  

Auto body repair & detailing

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