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What is the price tag on painting a whole car a different color? My mechanic said it could cost upwards to $5,000. And seeing as that my car cost $10,000 it doesn't seem like a good investment. I just generally would have prefered it be blue instead of gray.

Hi James,

Depending on how you have it done $5,000.00 may be a very conservative estimate. The price can depend greatly on quality. A high quality of products used and a high quality professional will cost. Then you have to look at what shape the vehicle is in to be repainted. Will it require major body work? Parts? All these factors can add up quick. Just in material alone if you're doing a complete repaint from the bare metal up you're looking at a minimum of $2,500.00. Then if you are paying a professional it'll cost $50-$125 per labor hour depending on the quality performed and what part of the country you're in.  

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