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QUESTION: "Hi Dave, I hope you can help me understand the auto paint process. I purchased a brand new 2007 Santa Fe from dealership (on the last day in 2007, decent deal!). I have the normal wear and tear of a 5 1/2 year old car however, there are several places on the hood, roof line above windshield and rail area beside windshield where nickel sized spots of paint have peeled off or flaked off. You can see grey primer underneath. After reading some forums on the internet I have found quite a few people who have had the same problem with Hyundai paint, especially the pearl white (which is what I have) and black. All of the experiences that I have read about have resulted in Hyundai stating that it is from rocks and they are not liable to repair.
In my 50 some years of life, I have NEVER seen a car that my parents owned or I have owned or anyone else I know that has had their paint peel/flake because of "rocks".
I feel there must be a reason such as defective paint, products, or process. I would like to go into the dealership with a little bit of knowledge about the paint process and possible explantion of why the paint is doing this.
You know how auto repair shops treat women, we are stupid and know nothing about cars. Well, I'm not stupid but........... I don't know much about cars!
I've attached a pic of one of the places, nickel sized.

ANSWER: Hi Nancy!....First off, don't feel bad about claiming to not know much about cars, as I have run across a lot of men throughout my years in the Autobody Trade, that know absolutely NOTHING about cars. That being said, I am glad that you mentioned that you had purchased your vehicle brand new. That will rule out an improper repair procedure being done from a repair shop. The condition that you are referring to, is called " Delamination ". Paint on vehicles manufactured in today's markets, are most commonly 2 or 3 stage paints. Two stage paint, refers to a " Base Coat/Clear Coat ". The base coat is the actual color coat of the vehicle, which is applied with a minimum of 2 coats, and when dry, appears flat. The next stage is the clear coat. Also applied with a minimum of 2 coats, and is what gives the base coat shine, depth, and protection. A 3 or " Tri " stage paint, is applied the same way as a 2 stage paint, only there is a third or "midcoat" sandwiched in between the base and clear coats. These midcoats usually contain a pearl, which gives the paint job a color spectrum effect, as the sun passes through the pearl, it changes colors corresponding to the base coat. Just for reference, a metallic paint job uses specks of metal, which reflect the suns rays, gives it the " Sparkle ", but does not change the color. In regards to Delamination, this condition is generally caused by either primer/paint/clear not being compatible with one another due to possibly different brands being mixed together, or improper application. Or possibly both scenarios. I have worked for a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Dealership since 1985, and Chrysler had the exact same problem with delamination in the early 90's. Back then, it was covered under warranty on a pro-rated system. Please check with your local Hyundai Dealership and see if they will cover this under warranty as well. I have a link that you can check out. It will explain in detail various paint problems and causes....Hope I have helped you out...Thanks...Dave

Here is the link:

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QUESTION: Hi Dave, I just wanted to give you and update. The service managers role was to act as a the "middleman" between me and the Hyundai rep. I was offered a deal to pay 50% of the cost to repaint damaged areas. I spoke with the Hyundai body shop estimator and he explained that the primer that was used formed a fine coat of powder,therefore the delamination. The Hyundai paint warranty is 3 years/36,000 miles. The warranty includes "factory defects and workmanship". Bottom line is, they've covered their butts! I guess I'm going to have to pay $1000 to get the affected areas repainted. Your information was very helpful as well as the link you provided. Thanks again!.....Nancy

Hi again Nancy!....Thank you very much for letting me know how you made out. I really appreciate your time in getting back to me. I know from working in the Trade for many years, how the whole system works. Unfortunatly, it does seem to benefit the manufacturer and dealer, instead of the customer. There is obviously something wrong with the whole system. That being said, thank you for your kind words. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks....Dave

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