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My more experienced friend and I are just starting to work on a project car, and obviously parts are difficult to source for this particular one.  Would you have any reference site to point me to which I could search for compatible parts from other years and models?

ANSWER: Hi Art!....Congratulations on your project car. I do have a website that I direct everyone to, who is trying to find aftermarket parts. It is a Canadian site called " Cross Canada ". They supply all types of replacement sheet metal complete panels, as well as partial patch panels, rads, condensers, headlights, rad supports, bumpers, mirrors, and the list goes on. Unfortunatly, I am not familiar if the U.S. has such a similar website, but I am sure you would have no problem in ordering from them and having parts shipped to you. I have listed the link below. Once you log onto the website, click on the icon " Our Products ". It will have a drop down menu. Next, click " Order Online ". It will redirect you to the next page. Once there, on the right hand side, there will be a red " Shop Online " icon. Click that. It will redirect you again. Next there will be a " Guest Access " icon. Simply click " Alberta ", and then the log in icon. From there, it will take you to the page where all you need to do  is punch in all of your info....Make, Model, and Year. It will show all parts available from there. Hope I have helped you out. If you have any question pertaining about restoration, please do not hesitate to drop me another line....Thanks....Dave

Here is the link:

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I will definitely log on and keep it as a reference and source.  However, the reason for the question is that I need to know about compatibility because on Ebay or Craigslist or in other ads, someone might advertise say some part from a 1963 Chevy Nova sedan, or even same year sedan or two door or what have you.  So unless the ad specifies my exact model, it's a shot in the dark unless there is some parts site that will cross reference.  See my difficulty?

Hi again Art!....I would then suggest that you contact your local GM Dealer in regards to cross-referencing parts to help you out. The Parts Department there, should be able to determine what parts are compatible, what parts are interchangeable, what parts can be used with modifications, etc.. Another option, is to call GM itself, as most manufactures have a tech hotline, in which you can ask questions, and even talk live to a Journeyman Tech...Thanks again for your question....Best of luck with your classic restoration.....Dave

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