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Recently bought 99 ranger off used car lot. Soon realized that the frame of the truck was two different frames bolted together. Seems to me that the back half of the truck frame must have been rotted and they just cut it off and bolted to another. Is this safe? Its not an R title and it has new inspection. I'm afraid to hook anything to the truck or even drive it for that matter. They just slide one frame into the other and bolted it together. It was very hard to see because the springs in the back of the truck are in front of it. Please any info would help

Hi Justin!...DO NOT DRIVE THIS VEHICLE!...IT IS ABSOLUTLY NOT SAFE!!!!. If this is what actually happened, that someone simply cut the back off of a complete one piece full frame, and BOLTED on another section, I would have it TOWED back to where you bought it, and demand a full refund, as well as a refund for the tow bill. What baffles me, is that you said it passed an inspection. The person who did the inspection and passed it, should have their license suspended or pulled permanently, and the person who did this so called "Repair", should be tracked down and be brought up on charges. This is a SAFETY issue. I can not stress this enough. A vehicle with such a blatantly inadequate repair, will NOT react properly in the event of a collision the way it was designed to from the engineers, therefore endangering the lives of all occupants. Sorry to say, but this vehicle is a death trap....Please let me know how you made out, as I would be interested in finding out what the explanation would be in regards to why this vehicle was even on a car lot, let alone passing an inspection....Hope I have helped you out....Thanks....Dave

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