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QUESTION: Hi! I am looking at a scion tc 2010.. that has a prior salvage title. No big deal. But the bumper in the front wasn't put on exactly right. And it has a one of a kind custom paint job. It's hot pink with glitter all over the car. At night the car looks blue. One problem besides the bumper.. it has if I remember correctly 3 runs in the paint. One is on the spoiler on the back on the side of it.. approximately a little larger then a bobby pin or hair grip and its a pretty long noticeable run. The other is on the drivers side rear and front bumper. All are about the same size.. and a little long.
Am I sol on the runs and paint? Or is there anyway to fix it??

ANSWER: Hi Katie!....I sincerely hope you have not purchased this vehicle yet. The reason being, is that a "Salvage" title means exactly that. Salvage title vehicles can ONLY be used for parts, (hence the term salvage), and can not be re-registered or re-insured. At least that is the way it is up here in Canada. So please check out your local State laws and see if this applies as well. You can also have the vehicle's serial number run through your local DMV. Most will do this at no charge. This will also be a tell tale sign, as to how the vehicle is flagged through insurance companies. In regards to you mentioning that the bumper was not put on exactly right, (I take it that it does not fit properly), this is red flag for me. My first thought is that there has been prior damage, and it was not repaired properly. If a vehicle is repaired improperly, this is a safety issue. There are 2 areas of repair. Structural and cosmetic. Structural is of the utmost importance. If it has not been repaired structurally properly, then the safety of the occupants is compromised in the event of collision. Cosmetic, is just that, and refers to how the vehicle fits together. I.E. Door, Fender, 1/4 Panel, Hood and Trunk gaps...Are they all even? Do the body lines, line up correctly? Do some panels stick out from others? These are all things to consider as well. If all checks out with the insurance and registration, and you wish to purchase this vehicle, I HIGHLY recommend that you have this vehicle inspected BEFORE you sign anything. It might set you back a few dollars, but at least you will know what you are up against. If it does not pass an inspection, then at least you have not thrown your money out the window. In regards to the runs in the paint, polishing is an option, but it also depends on how the metallic/pearl was applied. If there is no metallic/pearl added to the Clear Coat, then most likely polishing will be successful, as usually, runs are pre-dominant in the Clear. For yourself, you could try polishing an area that is less visible, ( underneath edge of the bumper for example ), and see what result you get....Hope I have helped you out...If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to write back....Thanks....Dave

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QUESTION: Yes, the car was wrecked and totaled last December, and was fixed and now is a prior salvage title. (this is just so you know (; ) insurance will cover prior but not salvage that isn't fixed. I wouldn't have to technically sign anything so to say, I'm not sure if you have craigslist in Canada but I would be buying it from a person full in cash. The front bumper appears to me to be the correct size but has a little bit of a gap. No frame damage or under the hood, that I can tell right now. It drives like a brand new car. But like you said, I am skeptical about it and don't want to be throwing my money away. He's only asking 7200.00 for a 2010 with prior salvage. :-/ it books for 16k though! It passes inspection for safety and everything else but, its just more of a cosmetic thing that I don't like that it isnt "perfect"
Thanks for letting me know that the paint maybe fixable! Its just if I mess it up there is no more paint and probably can't match it for touch ups.

I haven't purchased anything yet. I'm just stuck between two decisions ):

Hi again Katie!....Thank you for writing back and letting me know how you made out. As for Craig's list, it is available here in Canada on line. If possible, send me the add or link where this vehicle is listed, and any possible pictures. I would be interested in seeing this vehicle. As for passing a safety inspection, make sure that a 4 wheel thrust alignment was also done. If not, please get one done before purchasing. A 4 wheel thrust alignment will tell if the frame is aligned properly, all suspension components are not damaged, and the vehicle will not dog track. As far as the paint goes, any competent Autobody Shop, will be able to match the paint, if you have problems with repairing it yourself....Thanks again....Dave

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