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had front end collison with truck t bone car with driver side box side move pass the tailgate back bumper twisted i was told frame wasnt bent got truck back drove for a week all the body work move out of place the right rear tire there only about 1/2 inch of out side driving on road found abend in right front of frame will this pull the rear end to the right

Hi Guy!....If you found a buckle or a bend in the front of the frame rail, it is possible that the frame has a diamond in it. A diamond is when one frame rail has not moved, but the other one has been pushed directly rearward. If there was enough force to produce a buckle, it is quite possible that a diamond has occurred. This will definitely cause an alignment issue, as the suspension components are attached to the frame rails on trucks, as they generally have a full frame underneath them. That being said, a pull to one side is not out of the question. I would recommend that you take the vehicle back to where you had it repaired, and have them fix it properly. A wheel alignment should have been done regardless, and if it was, a diamond would have shown up, as the caster reading would be too Negative to be able to adjust. Caster is defined as the forward (Positive), or rearward (Negative) position of the wheel. It will also affect the camber. Camber is defined as the inward (Negative) or outward (Positive) tilt of the wheel. Just for the record, toe is calculated as toe in ( the front of the wheels are closer together than the rear, and toe out, is the opposite. These calculations are determined from looking and measuring from the top of the wheel. Hope this helps you out. If you have any other questions, please drop me another line.....Thanks....Dave

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