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Hello Dave A friend of mine hit a curb and scratch up her front end   her toyotoe corolla And the headlight cover is missing I was wondering is there anything she can do her self for the scratches or does she need to get it repainted And about the headlight cover Will she have to replace both of them Will i wanted to tell you I am getting master cylinder and the brakes Fixed on my car I tell i  it have put  alot  money It my car is old like I said but Corolla  are good cars Don't know where the money going to come from  Will i  hope this is the last of email to  you But i appreciate your answers and help Thank you Carolyn

Hi Carolyn!....In regards to scratches on any vehicle paint surface, the general rule of thumb is, if you run your fingernail across the scratch and your fingernail catches in the grooves, more than likely the panel will need refinishing. If it doesn't catch, the panel should be able to be polished out. As for the headlight, it will be a sealed unit, with the lens/cover and housing coming together as an assembly. And yes, you can definitely purchase an individual headlight.....Thanks again for the update on your vehicle. Good to hear you are getting a new master cylinder and the brakes repaired. Safety is of the utmost importance.....As I mentioned before, you can drop me a line anytime if you have any question that I can try and help you out with Carolyn....Take care....Thanks, Dave.

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