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I am considering buying a pre-owned 2013 Toyota Corolla/S/LE 4DR Sedan. It's in good condition w/ 29,000 miles and dealer asking price is about $13,500. It does have minor damage but no reported accidents/damage to Carfax. The front panel/ bumper is separated but I was told that the dealership will repair it w/ clips. The rear bumper has minor damage on one side but they will not repair it. They said that they would have to replace the whole bumper & they were not willing to do that. The car was previously owned by the daughter of the owner of the dealership. If the damage is minimal and resources are available to them, why won't they fix it?  Not cost effective for them? If so then shouldn't I get more of a discount if the car isn't pristine?

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Edward Russell

Hey Edward!....In regards to Carfax, please keep in mind that a vehicle could still have been involved in a previous collision, and it not be reported to Carfax. This is due to the fact that said vehicle could have been repaired out of pocket by the owner, therefore not going through insurance. It is the insurance companies who make the report to Carfax. Just a heads up. So if you are at all concerned about previous damage, I would suggest you take it to a certified vehicle inspector...That being said, I checked out the Cross Canada/Keystone website for you here. ( I will list the link below) The price for a rear bumper cover for a 2013 Toyota Corolla S/LE 4 DR SEDAN, is $269.57. Part number is TO1100294R. This is for Japan built vehicles. Labour for removal and  replacement should run around 2.5 Hours. The cost here at $75.00/Hour door rate, is $187.50. Labour for refinishing should be around 3.5 Hours including Clear Coat. Another $262.50....All in all, the total cost is $719.57....In the Dealership that I work at, (and in the majority of almost all), used car sales have the highest mark up. So in my opinion, I would think they could at least drop the price to $13,000. You might even like to take it for a test drive and drop by a local Autobody shop for an estimate. That way you have written proof of repair cost.....Hope this helps you out Edward.....Please drop me another line if you need any other information or advice...Thanks....Dave.

Here is the link:

Just click  "Order on line", then, "Guest login" for Alberta. It will take you to a page where you just enter  the year, make, and model. From there, all available parts, prices, pictures and descriptions will be listed.

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