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Auto body repair & detailing/scuff removed from clear coat


Hi Gary, thanks for bein available.  I have a 2002 Monte Carlo.  Someone bumped into me & left some big scuff marks on my quarterpanel, & a slight crease.  I used rubbing compound by hand to remove the scuffs, but it took off the shine.  It is real dull.  I understand my car has a clear coat.  I didnít rub too much Ė just to get the scuffs out, so I donít think I removed the clear coat.  Before I try anything else, I thought Iíd ask an expert.  What should I do next to restore the shine in that area?

Hi Greg,

You will need to use a finer grade compound to remove the scratch then proceed to a polishing glaze. A course compound will scratch the surface and will leave it dull and it must be polished finer and finer with progressively finer polishes.  

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