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Dear Bob,
Having seen one of your answers here, I went and got myself #845. I did apply it last night. I haven't completely prepared the car. I only washed it and dried it. I applied the wax and I like the shine that came after hand buffing with a microfiber/fleece cloth.
My question , is it OK to apply the wax every time I wash the car? Usually I wash my car once a week. Would it damage if i apply the wax once a week. I also have the turtle ice spray, which gives a decent shine. I drive a 2010-BMW-535XI.
Also please let me know is there anything I can apply on top of the wax to get more shine and depth?

Thank you,

Hi Vamsi,

Waxing the car weekly is over kill with the Colinite. I would rather see you wax it once a month. In between use the turtle wax ice spray.

As for more depth or shine. You can use a glaze to go over the top of the wax. However, glazes tend to leave streaks or marks especially on a dark color. I would do some experiments with some glazes. Look on line to see if you can get small samples from manufacturers. Tell them you are a detailer trying new products. Years ago Meguiars used to make a good glaze.

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