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Good morning,

I am getting ready to use some "Rust Bullet" on various metal panels on my 1967 Ford F100 Pickup.

Have you used this product and what is your opinion?  I also have a can of Pors.  Thank you for your help.


Hi John,

I am not really that familiar with Rust Bullet. Just from quick research online I notice that it's a similar product to POR-15 so I would imagine that works similar. I have used POR-15 quite a bit over the years and if cleaned and prepped good it works pretty well.

However, The product that I've had the most success with is KBS Coatings. KBS offers a product called Rust Seal that permanently takes care of rust. In fact, they actually believe in all their products so much that they give a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. To me that's a win / win situation. Here's a link where you can get more info. on KBS or you can give their super friendly customer service a call at 1-877-548-9323.

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