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Hi Gary,
I have a dent in the rear surface of a fender, just above the tail light assembly (the light assembly has been replaced from a wrecking yard donor car) where it was ran into a lamp post. It is pushed in deepiy but symmetrically but there is also no simple access to partially pound it back out. Is there a material which I can use to fill in the indentation in several steps? The car is an '89 Chrysler LeBaron coupe.
Thanks for your expert opinion.

Hi Roland,

It depends on how deep the dent is. If it's a 1/4" or less you can use a good quality body filler and fill the dent. If it's more than a 1/4" you will need to pull the dent. A body shop will use what's called a stud welder to weld pulling pins in the dent's lowest points then attach a slide hammer to pull out the dent to just below surface level then fill will body filler.

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