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Hello! Have used your  Toyota expert before.  My 2000 Toyota corolla is starting to rust. The passenger side rear wheel well is rusting and will probably have to be cut. But my worries are with the rockers.  It's just beginning to start. It's from inside out. Not too bad yet but want to get at it now. There are 5 holes which plugs can be removed. The car runs well and has been upkept. Have been told it's a unibody and the rocker cant be easily remove without a total cut. Really don't want totally cut if I have too. Have any suggestion around it? Is there an attachment to a compressor adaptor that can be used and then spray some  rust inhibitor? Appreciate any advice.

Hi Jules!....First off all, (and to set your mind at ease), being that your vehicle is of a Unibody design, the rockers can ABSOLUTEY be removed partially for a safe and structurally sound repair. This type of repair is called "Sectioning". For example: A rocker that is 5 feet long, and has collision or rust damage directly in the center, let's say 1 foot long, would be sectioned in this way: The rocker would be cut back roughly 4 to 6 inches past the damage. The new replacement rocker section will be cut to the exact size of the cut out opening, and for what is referred to as a "Butt Joint". A "Sleeve" or "Insert" will then be installed inside each end of the existing rocker panel. The replacement rocker will sit on top of the sleeves, and the ends will sit flush or  "Butt" up against the original. Hence the term "Butt Joint". The length of the sectioning, has no affect on structural integrity, as long as these steps are followed, and a MIG welder is used....That being said, in regards to your issue, (and being that the rust has already started to form), the best thing to use is a product that will stop the rust and prevent it from spreading any further. There is a product called "Por-15" which I highly recommend. Although expensive, it is highly effective. It is recommended to be brushed on, but it can also be reduced and sprayed on as well. It is also possible to be put into a spray can with an extension nozzle/hose if the company that supplies Por-15 provides that service. Here is a link to their website:

Hope this helps you out.....Feel free to drop me another line if you have any other questions or concerns

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