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QUESTION: I just bought an 03 Harley V-Rod that's been painted on and it's really ugly so I am wanting sand it down and repaint it myself. The body and the paint is in excellent condition I just hate the color. By the way, I don't have an air compressor or spray gun so I was thinking about using some spray cans. I am wanting to go with a Matte Black but I don't want some cheapo garbage rattle can paint like what comes from the big box stores. I don't mind paying for something that's good. I know this may be impossible but I was hoping you could give me some recommendations?

ANSWER: Hi Jamison,

It's not impossible. A company called SprayMax has introduced a 2K Aerosol can and they offer a Hot Rod Satin Black. This will give you excellent results for painting small areas such as for motorcycles. This will give you a much better durability and fuel resistance that is far more superior to other aerosol product that I've seen on the market to date. This is an excellent choice for the guys like yourself that don't have painting equipment but want to tackle a small project like a bike tank and fenders.

Here's a link where you can find more information about the product:

SprayMax also offer an excellent high gloss urethane clear-coat, a super corrosion resistant epoxy primer, a high build urethane primer, and an acid etch primer all in the same type 2K aerosol can. Now you can do high quality custom paint work right from an aerosol can. Here's some links where you can check out these other products:

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QUESTION: That sounds exactly like what I'm looking for! Can you tell me if it will be gas proof?

Hi Jamison,

It will be fuel resistant. In other words, it will hold up for example if you spill some gas and then wipe it dry or it evaporates dry. However, it's not fuel proof in the sense that you could use it on the inside of a fuel tank where it would have constant exposure to gasoline.

SprayMax Hot Rod Satin Black and SprayMax Glamour Clear works excellent for motorcycle tanks because of their fuel resistance.  

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