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Hi Dave, it looks like you certainly have the credentials to help. I am looking to replace the right rear fender on my 1995 4L V6 ford ranger xlt. It is a splash style edition, so the fender is actually unique & kind of rare. Instead of being in pieces it is one full side piece the length of the entire bed.

I went to a auto bodyshop today and not only did they inform me that a fiberglass repair wouldn't work on it (cause it's not actually fiberglass its made of), but that if I left them to handle it they would simply order a brand new replacement fender...totaling $766.95! Which was before labor & supplies were even included. The part # is: f87z8327840aa. They we're nice enough to let me know they didn't suggest that (unless $ was no object to me hahaha!), that I should instead run over to the junk yard and try to find a ranger there with the same piece and (if REALLY lucky) in the same color.

Well luck was certainly with me then cause not only did I find a ranger in the far corner that had the same part in good condition, but it was also the exact same color. The problem I have now however is that I don't have any idea as to all of the tools I need to get to that part, to remove it, and to add it to mine. Let alone the proper process to correctly remove it from that vehicle, remove mine from my vehicle, and to add it to mine. That ranger is really like a mirror version of mine, so there is no difference between what would be needed between the 2 to worry about. The one tool I seen that I know will need is a torx screwdriver/ratchet/wrench, because those screws are apparently under the black plastic that covers the top of the bed. I have searched online, but have unfortunately found no descriptions, original instructions, or videos as to the process that is required and all I will need. If you could please help and let me know what tools I require as well as the detailed process I must go through to make the switch, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

Hi Nick....In order to change a bolted on outer skin fiberglass Ford box side, I will start with the most common tools that are required. My recommended list of tools, are a set of 3/8 inch drive Torx sockets up to T-50, a 1/4 and 3/8 inch drive socket/ratchet set, a set of 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive adapters, a long pry bar, a long breaker bar, and a can of penetrating fluid. With these tools, you should have everything needed to remove this box side.

The first step to remove the box side, is to remove the rear bumper. This is where the 1/2 inch drive adapters, long breaker bar, and 3/8 socket set will be needed. Although a 1/2 drive set is the most efficient, the latter still works well. Spray the bumper bolts with the penetrating fluid, and let it soak in as long as possible before trying to remove the bolts. Next, remove the tail light and make sure this wiring is not connected to the box, gas filler bucket where it attaches to the outer skin, wheel house splash shield, and finally the top box side rail cap.

After all of these items have been removed/disconnected, all bolts attaching the outer skin to the inner skin will/should be visible. The next step is to simply remove all related fasteners. At this point, the box side should be able to be removed. If you need more clearance from the box side/cab corner to remove it, unfortunately, you will need to remove the box bolts as required in order to slide the box back enough to get the required clearance. Re-install the replacement box side in the exact reverse order.

Hope this helps you out Nick. If you run into any problems, please do not hesitate to drop me another line anytime. I will be more than happy to help you out further. Thanks....Dave.  

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