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I own an 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT and it has a rear spoiler on it I was wondering was this put on the vehicle by the factory for cosmetic reasons or is it for performance. It really obstructs my view and if its not needed i would like to remove it do you have any ideas?

Hi Anthony....From all accounts, the factory installed a rear spoiler on the 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT for primarily cosmetic reasons, although at high speeds, it would provide some amount of down force. If visibility is an issue and you would like to remove it, unfortunately, it will be bolted on via holes drilled through the trunk/deck lid. To keep the value of your vehicle if you do decide to remove it, I would suggest taking your vehicle to your local Autobody shop for an estimate. The proper repair procedure for this once the spoiler has been removed, is to weld up the holes, grind them down flush, apply a body filler, block the filler, then prime and refinish the trunk/deck lid.....Hope this helps you out....If you have any other question, please drop me another line anytime....Thanks....Dave.

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