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i have to replace the floor pan on a 89 s10 drivers side but dont know how  any advice or instructions

Hi Ken....Once you have removed the seat and interior floor carpeting, the first thing you will need to do, is to scrape away all of the seam sealer covering the perimeter floor flange to expose the factory spot welds. Once this is done, center punch each spot weld, then drill a 1/8" hole directly through. (Please make sure you check underneath as to not drill into any wiring, brake lines, etc.) Next, you will need to drill out the welds. To do this, I would recommend purchasing a spot weld cutter from your local Autobody/Parts retail outlet. The size is 3/8" that will be needed. Proceed to drill the spot welds out, making sure that you only drill through the top layer/flange of the floor pan. This way, the bottom flange will be left intact, leaving you a solid base when welding the new floor panel in. Once all of the spot welds are drilled out, the floor pan should be able to be removed.

To install the new panel, you will now need to grind the existing floor flange down to bare metal. Next, coat it with a weld through primer. (This is also available at your local Autobody/Parts store) You will now need to duplicate the amount and locations of the factory spot welds. An easy way to do this, is to lay the old floor pan over the new one, and mark the new one through the spot welds you have drilled out on the original. Next, drill out the new floor pan using a 5/16" to 3/8" drill bit where you have it marked. After this has been done, check the backside of the new panel, to remove any burs that may be attached and coat any bare metal also with the weld through primer. Next, lay the panel into place. Once you are satisfied it is aligned , you may now start welding it in using the plug weld method. In regards to welding, it is recommended to use a MIG, with an ES70-6 .023" wire, and a C25 gas. Once welded in, simply grind the plug welds down to where you leave a "Button". This will ensure the welds are not ground down to the point where the welds are weak. Lastly, coat all flanges/welds/bare metal with corrosion protection/undercoating.

If you have any other questions, please drop me another line anytime....Thanks....Dave.  

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