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This may be a screwup with Allexperts, but I asked the question below, many weeks ago, maybe over a month ago, and never got an answer. So I figured you weren't able to answer it and didn't resend it. Now I got an email from you saying "I have already answered this question for you once before." I never got an answer in the first place, but if you did answer, I'd like to know what it was. Thanks

"My car is a little over a year old and periodically I see light scratches on only the back of it, and I can't figure out the cause. They mostly come out with compound, but not all. I don't have a garage, so the car is always outside, but I got into the habit of parking far away from other cars wherever I go and I don't park close to any shrubbery. All I can think of is light hail, but can hail somehow cause scratches, but not dents? Other than that, I'm puzzled as to what's causing them. Any ideas?"

Hi Lee,

I'm not sure what happened with your original question. However, I do think I can answer your question.

I believe what you're seeing is called swirl marks. This typically comes from when the vehicle has been polished using a polisher. If the technician don't go thru all the steps or tries to cut corners these "light scratches" will show up. Normally, you can polish the car and they will kind of go away but after some time will show up again. In actuality, they're not going away, they're being filled with the compound and it makes them much harder to see. To actually remove them you will need to use a product that is designed to do the job. 3M makes a product called 3M 06085 Ultrafine Machine Polish that is designed to remove the "light scratches" so they won't come back. It will need to be applied by a polishing machine using a 3M 05733 Ultrafine Foam Polishing pad. Here are some links to some of the products that I have suggested:

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