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QUESTION: I am looking at getting a replacement front fender for my 2003 Ford Explorer. It would come painted to original factory color. How can I add the pin striping to match the original? (Can provide image if necessary).

ANSWER: Hi Kevin....There are two ways to accomplish this, depending on the complexity of the pin striping. If the job is one you feel you can handle yourself, with strictly pin striping and no graphics, I would suggest checking out your local Autobody/Parts retail supply outlet. Most of these stores carry pin striping from either 3M, Prostripe, or from both companies. They will have a sizing chart, as well as a color wheel chart to get you the closest possible match from an aftermarket standpoint.

The second possibility, is to also check out your local Vehicle Graphics Design shop. They will be able to computer program a more complicated design, color, and sizing.

Please feel free to send me a picture as you mentioned, as I would be interested to see what you are looking to duplicate....Thanks for your question....Dave.

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QUESTION: Dave, Thank you for your quick reply I have attached some images to give you a better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.

Hi again Kevin....You are very welcome. Glad to be able to try and help you out....Thank you also, for taking the time sending me the pictures, as you should have no problem with this project.

One trick to make sure the stripes are level and true on your new panel, is to run a piece of masking tape from one end of the vehicle to the other, and onto your new fender, and on the bottom edge of the existing pin stripes. This will give you the ability to adjust the height accordingly with the tape, before installing the new stripes. As masking tapes come in various widths, it is sometimes also possible to use the tape as a spacer between the stripes as a guideline.

Hope this helps you out.....All the best in 2016....Dave.  

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