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QUESTION: hello! usually I ask the Toyota expert but noticed for this problem you are the body expert.  Have a 2000 toyota Corolla that runs good. Most of the body good except the rear wheel arches.  I have a friend who can fix it but we cant find the exact  new patch panel. We dont need the whole back unibody quarter panel.  Behind the passenger side door the arch is rusting from the bottom of the rocker just to the upper bend of the door. Its not into the inside  door bend yet.  Will bend metal(or go to local metal fab shop) if we have to but would rather just get the    NEW stamped repair panel and cut the top off and attach. Can cut and attach but my metal fab skills are just acceptable. They make for 93-97 corolla but have not found so far for the 1998-2002. Have contacted 3 auto metal fab companies and they dont have it either. Since the models are close, would a 93-97 Corolla passenger side arch panel be modified to fit a 1998-2002 Corolla or can you suggest someone who does have it.? Have you had this experience? Havent received a straight answer from anyone. And I dont want to get into a $500-$1000 repair. Thanks  Jules

ANSWER: Hi Jules.

There is a company here in Canada, ( I will list the link below ), who supply aftermarket parts, as well as sheet metal, and sheet metal patch panels. I did check out the website for you. Unfortunately, I could only find a listing for the rear wheel arch patch panels on your vehicle for the years leading up to 1997. The part numbers are: RRP8852 for the right hand side, and RRP8853 for the left hand side. The cost is $205.68 for each. There is a listing of parts available for a 2000 Toyota Corolla, but unfortunately, no patch panels are listed.

My suggestion, would be to check out their website, and contact them regarding alternate patch panel availability.

One other option, is to call your local Auto Wrecker, and ask if they are able supply your required wheel arch sheet metal, for the correct year, make, and model.

Last of all, if you do not have any success with the above suggestions, you may end up having to have them fabricated, or purchase the 1997 model arches, and make modifications to them for your application yourself

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write me back....Thanks for your question.....Dave

Here is the link:

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QUESTION: Just wanted to thank you for your reply. I have talked to 2 fabricators in the US. One in Cleveland(Mill Supply) and in Virginia(Keyparts-which is the US distributor of KLOKKERHOLM.) I can get the 93-97's  Corolla patch panels for under $40 if I need to use the modify approach. Thanks for your reply.

Jules G.

Hi again Jules.

You are very welcome for my reply. If you need any hints as to how to modify the 93-97 patch panels to fit your 2000 Corolla, please do not hesitate to drop me another line. I would be more than happy to help you out.

Have a great weekend.....Dave.

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