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QUESTION: Hello there. I have a vehicle which is developing rust bubbles at one of the rear wheel wells. Before the problem becomes out of hand, I would like to stop and remove [if possible] the rust. I am wondering if it is realistic for me to solve the problem myself with limited tools available, or if my best choice would be a body shop. I don't have a photograph immediately available, but I can obtain one if you don't mind.

ANSWER: Hi Morgan.

If you don't mind, please send me a picture of the rust occurring on your vehicle. It will give me an idea of the extent of the rust, as well as my opinion for a repair procedure. Thanks.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Regards, Dave.

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Wheel well
Wheel well  
QUESTION: Hi Dave. Here is a photo of the spot:

Hi again Morgan.

Thank you for taking the time to send me a picture. As you had mentioned in regards to having limited tools, from what the picture shows, if you own or have access to an electric drill, you should have no problem doing this repair. Here is a list of the additional accessories and supplies you will need.

1. Drill arbor, with a speed-lock attachment to install 2 or 3 inch grinding discs.
2. 2 or 3 inch 80 grit grinding discs.
3. Small can of fiberglass filler
4. Small can of polyester filler
5. 80, 180, 280, 320, and 400 grit sandpaper
6. Spray can of primer.
7. Sanding block.

All of these items, should be in stock at your local Autobody/Parts retail outlet.

The method of repair would be as follows:

Grind down the affected area down to bare metal, with the 80 grit grinding discs installed on the electric dill and arbor assembly.
Apply the fiberglass filler as needed.
Sand the fiberglass filler with 80 grit sandpaper using the sanding block.
Next, sand the fiberglass filler with 180.
Apply a skim coat of polyester filler, over the fiberglass filler.
Sand this with 180, then 280, then 320.
When you are satisfied with your body work, apply at least 2 coats of primer.

From there, you can sand the primer down with 400, then mask and paint the area.
Factory color match spray can paint, is also available at your local Autobody/Parts retail outlets.

Hope this helps you out Morgan...If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write me back....Thanks for your question....Dave.  

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