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QUESTION: I am trying to link title blocks between layouts in a file. I would like to be able to enter some info in to one layout and have it up date in the other layouts.

ANSWER: Is the info in your title blocks attributes?

If so, you can use GATTE to globally set the value of the attribute in multiple blocks.

Let me know if you require further clarification.

Scott Wilcox

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QUESTION: How do I do this, I cannot find this under the help command. Also I have sheet numbers in the block and would like to have them update as I add sheets how do I do this?


ANSWER: GATTE is an express tool command.  Type EXPRESSMENU at the command prompt to initialize.

For Sheet numbers, you can use a field, CTAB, which is the layout name.  Simply name the layout tab whatever you want your sheet number to be.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I would like to set up a pull down menu with sub menus for each discipline (Hull, Mech, Elec). Each Sub menu will have a command that when selected will change the current layer the correct layer required to be used. How do I do this?

This can be done in the CUI.

First, create a command in the command list for each layer you want to be made current.

In the Macro box for each command add ^C^C(setvar "clayer" "layername")

Once you have your commands created, create a new Menu in the menus list by right clicking the Menus and choose New Menu.

Rename it, and then create a sub menu for each category you want.

Now, simply drag and drop your commands to the menus, and click Apply.

That's it!

Jon, is this what you were referring?

I cannot recall if I ever wrote a macro and submitted, sorry. Let me know if you require more.



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