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I have a customer that requires drawings to be updated in AutoCAD 2000. I have a guy in Dallas that does my drawings (I'm in Tulsa)
He updates drawings and emails them to me. I review/save and forward to my customer.  My customer can not open if I view/save and email (I use a viewer I downloaded from internet).  Customer CAN open if I just forward the email I receive from my CAD guy directly to customer.
What do I need to be able to open drawings/save and email drawings I receive from my CAD guy?  Thank you!!


ANSWER: Tony:  What I was looking for in the content of your drawing is that you were saving the drawing as an AutoCAD 2000 drawing just like your CAD guy in Dallas does.  But I didn't see that.  If you are working in AutoCAD 2004 or above, then you need to either use the core command SAVEAS and then where it says "Files of Type" select AutoCAD 2000/LT2000 Drawing, or you need to tell AutoCAD to save to the AutoCAD 2000 version by default, which is done in Options;Open and Save;Save as.  I don't think I would recommend doing the latter in this case if you only have one customer that requires AutoCAD 2000 drawing format.  Just because your CAD guy saved it as AutoCAD 2000, doesn't mean that when you save the drawing, it's still going to be AutoCAD 2000.  You always have to tell AutoCAD to save the drawing as a different release unless your client is operating an AutoCAD version of the same release as you or newer.  The same would be true of a viewer that you may be using.  Some viewers are capable of drawing conversion as well.  See if the viewer tells you what version the drawing is when you open it.  If you save it, close it, and then reopen it, it should indicate as what version you save the drawing.

I hope this helps.

Bill DeShawn

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Thank you for the response, it was helpful. However, the Drawing Viewer I downloaded does not have an option for saving to CAD2000.  What would be a good download for me to use?  Also, I have Vista which I have heard does not support CAD2000.  Should I change over to Windows 7? Do you have a recommendation for a download to view/save/email drawings I receive?  Thank you again!


If you download DWG Trueview from Autodesk, it should work, and it includes DWG Trueconvert, and hopefully should work even on Vista, and even though they apparently don't support it, but according to another site, it supports vista.  I think Autodesk would like to forget Vista ever existed.  But I run 32-bit vista on my laptop, it seems to be OK for the most part.  Anyway the download site for DWG Trueview is here:

Let me know how it goes.

Bill DeShawn


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