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i recently had trouble with autocad lt 2013 . i uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now it says application error when i try to open it. any help to get me up and running again ?

I have not had this problem, so all I can do is tell you what I would do if you were one of my users.

1) I would try to do a repair without doing a reinstall. We have had pretty good luck with that.

2) Get online at the autodesk website and see if others have had this problem, follow their solutions.

3) I am guessing when you uninstalled you did it through the control panel. If NOT that would be my next step, and reinstall. (I know that is not what you want to hear.)

4) If after the second reinstall I got the same message I would uninstall, go into the registry and delete ACAD references from there. If you have never worked with the registry it is important to be super careful. Don't do it while there are distractions or you are short on time, and back up the registry before you begin. Find a good how to online and follow the directions. I don't recommend this. It is easy to mess the registry up, but it is the last resort. After the registry is cleaned up you should be able to install and ACAD won't see previous installations.

5) If that does not work, get hold of ACAD or your local dealer.

Hoping this helps Lorenzo! Wish I could give you a clear-cut answer!



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