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AutoCAD/several command don't respond


I ,several command don't respond,I work very well but I Don't know what happened. I use 2007 version,this is the typical respond front cad program:    Command: _properties Unknown command "PROPERTIES".  Press F1 for help.
Please help me fixed this problem

Hi -- this is really an IT problem, not about how to use AutoCAD. A lot of factors can cause commands to fail:

-- you may have installed other programs or add-ons which messed up your installation of AutoCAD, including some anti-virus programs

-- you may be dangerously low on memory or hard disc space (more likely if computer is old) and need to clean the computer hard drive of old stuff

THE GENERALLY SUGGESTED REMEDY -- go to Control Panel, add/remove programs, and select AutoCAD 2007. It will give you the option to do a "repair installation" You MAY need the installation disc to do this.  Shut off any antivirus software and the Internet while you do it, and then try to use the program

IF THAT DOES NOT DO IT -- something else is messed up that I have no way of guessing from here.  I would uninstall the 2007, and start over. If that does not work, you need a local IT person to see what is wrong on your computer.



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