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Dear Bill Deshawn:

  Hi, my name is Gary, nice to meet you. I have a simple question about using autocad. I haven;t use the software for long time, so i try to reuse it as a practice.

   When i try to draw a plan, (after i set the drawing limit, architectural units and etc.) i try to input a line measurement : 35'-12", it doesn't work, i try 35'-11.9", then it works, did miss something or forgot some of the rules?  Please Help. Thank you very much.



Gary.  Let's start here:
Set LUNITS to 4
Set LUPREC to 3

That will set you to architectural units with a precision of 1/8".

Then AUNITS to 0 (Decimal degrees)
and AUPREC to 4  (number of decimal places for precision of angles)

Give that a try and let me know how that goes.

Bill DeShawn

BTW, Gary, since you are setting precision to the nearest 64th, that's the same as setting LUPREC to 6.
LUNITS are linear units of measure.  In this case it's architectural (4).
LUPREC is linear units precision.  In your case it's 1/64 (8).
Change the precision and watch the LUPREC value change.
That and make sure you don't type a value of inches at 12" or greater.  Use the proper number of feet.  For example instead of 36'-12", type 37'-0" or just 37'.
Happy New Year!

Bill DeShawn


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