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Text in ACAD drawing
Text in ACAD drawing  
I've a drawing that has some strange text in it and I cannot change it ( see attached ).  I'm thinking that someone took either a Pro-E or a Inventor drawing and brought parts of it into the drawing that I'm trying to work with.  I actually have two questions: one, how can I tell if a ACAD drawing has parts of a 3D drawing in it ?  and two, how can I change the text in the drawing that I'm working on ?

Rick, i just got back from vacation, my apologies for the long delay. Unfortunately in your case, these tranlated text from a different cad platform were converted into polylines. if only the origin of this drawing was exported into dxf format, then perhaps the text would be editable in Autocad.
To check if you have 3D models in your drawing, switch to models space, invoke 'props' command (or ctrl+1), then select all entities in model space by pressing ctrl+A. Now look at your properties pane, fly out the selection bar & check for any listed 3d solids, surfaces, etc..


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