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QUESTION: hi! im using autocad 2008. i always got a problem on scaling.. i am always asked to draw a plan using 1:100 ,1:50, 1:25 scale in meters. they wanted it to be, that when i print it and measure it using a scale rule or ruler it will be the same as the plan..
i tried the annotation scale 1:100 for the plan indicating 1:100 scale and manipulate the plot scale to 1:100 before printing it out. when i printed it and checked the scale using scale rule its different..
pls. help me.... im a little desperate

ANSWER: Hi Cristy, don't worry i'll do my best to help you out. First & foremost, i assume that you always draw 1:1 scale in model space (i.e. 1 unit = 1 unit). Now, switching to your layout (or paperspace), i also assume that you've correctly defined your plot size thru pagesetup. These sizes all depends on your plotters capability.
The correct method of scaling your drawings/models is by manipulating your viewports (I know a few people plot their finished work in model space). Activate your viewport by doubleclicking inside of it (or type mspace). Use the 'viewport scale' toolbar to select the scale you need. If this is not available in 2008 version, then we can do it old school. Simply, type 'zoom' command, type '1/100xp'. 'pspace' to deactivate/exit out from the viewport. This sample, scales your viewport to 1/100. Ensure you have the suffix 'xp' at each scale (e.g. 1/50xp, 1/25xp, 1/200xp, ...)
Annotation scale is just a way your annotations (text, dimension styles, multileader) react to the scales you specify in your viewport. This does NOTHING to the actual scale of your model.
Obviously, the bigger the viewport scale you specify, the bigger the the annotations are going to be in model space.
I hope this helps you become a bit less desperate :), please keep me posted.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: sorry, still i cant make it right. for example, i want to draw a 3.5 meter length. i want to scale it to 1:100 so that when i print it out and when i measure it using a 1:100 scale rule it will be the same.  i print on model tab with title block and A4 paper size.
should i put a 1:1 annotation scale always?
im so sorry!

Cristy, as i mentioned earlier draw your entities (lines, polylines, etc.) in modelspace at 1:1 scale. do not scale them down manually! if you draw 3.5 meter line & list its properties, it should show 3.5 meters. additionally, your titleblock should always reside in layout, never in modelspace, silly! in essence, by creating a viewport in layout, you're creating a portal to your entities & this is where you can manipulate your viewport scale. Please read up on creating viewports so that you'll understand the mechanics on how this feature works.
If your viewport is set at 1/100, then annotation scale should be set at 1/100. if viewport is set to 1/50, then annoscale should be 1/50 respectively. I hope we're getting somewhere. Don't hesitate to ask, just let me know if you have anymore questions OK! Ill probably get to it tomorrow morning again since it's getting very late here. Happy cadding...good night!

-J. Borge


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