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Good morning !
-I have attached TIFF images (A ) into CAD 2011- after using a RASTER Design to clean up -then I convert the drawing to PDF - The PDF will have gray horizontal lines cross over like Grid - ( only in PDF ). The drawing looks ok without line in Viewport.
-If I plot from viewport is OK but if I plot from PDF the lines are all over -
My Question is how could I remove all the lines in PDF -
PS :
1/In Layer management the viewport layer  was off printing  - also for rungs  and  grid were set to freeze- i  was turn on / off  but the out come is the same.
2/Attach other images (A)in same project folder : SAME  ( Horizontal lines in PDF )
3/SAVE AS different name- attach other TIFF image (B) from different project : CONVERTED TO PDF without horizontal lines.
4/ The TIFF images (A) from a client - they sent hard copy - I scan and save to a TIFF folder.
-THe TIFF images (B) are testing- I used the PDF then save as image with TIFF extension - then attached to a CAD draw.
Thanks for your times.

Virtual Printer - DWG to PDF
Virtual Printer - DWG  
Jalyn, unfortunately the images weren't attached to your question, however what type of virtual printer are you using (dwg to pdf or Adobe or Acroplot)? try manipulating your raster graphic resolution under your pc3's custom properties to atleast 200 dpi. & let me know if it improves anything.



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