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AutoCAD/autocadd 2006 plotting & pen conf.


Hello Iam using autocadd 2006. Iam trying to get my cutepdf writter to reconize my pen settings and it will not. This is what I have done so far. Under option, I have selected plot style table settings, and then selected the pcp file which has my pen settings. I have also selcted my cutepdf writter as default output device. I can make PDFs but it wil not reconize my pen settings and colors like yellow appear to be grey. I made sure my cutepdf writter has black selected and NOT color. In autocadd 2010 the plot dialog box allows you to select the pcp file as required, but 2006 does not. Please help.


It has been a while since I used 2006, but I recall the plot dialog has been relatively unchanged since 200 or 2002...

Just to clarify:  You are getting a PDF output, but it does not have the plot style settings from your PCP file?  If this is indeed the case, I suggest you check your plot dialog box, and confirm the Plot with plot styles box is checked in the Plot Options area. This option controls whether or not plot styles in PCP files are applied or not.

Another option you can try, if you have CutePDF installed as a print device, is to use your normal plot settings, and then switch printers, keeping all other settings unchanged.

Let me know if this addressed your issue or not.\

Scott Wilcox


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