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QUESTION: Dear Sir, in Qdim command using baseline option,can i move vertical dimension text above the Extension line. also i don't need dimension line. sample image is attached.  thank you

ANSWER: Mohan:

Yes, this is correct.  It works very much like the DIMORDINATE command.  It appears to work with the current UCS, so you will have to have a different UCS for each item you dimension this way in a drawing.

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QUESTION: Thank your Sir . Text is moved above the extension line. i also want to remove the dimension line. i tired through ddim dialog box from option dim1 and dim2 but it is not working


Try the DIMSD1 AND DIMSD2 system variables (set to 1 or ON).  Then update the dimension.

Let me know how that goes.  Wait a second - your using ordinate dimensioning.  So, that's not a dimension line, that's an extension line.  So both DIMSE1 and DIMSE2 have to be on or set to 1.

Bill DeShawn


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