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Hi again Bob,

Re your previous response, I now have a drawing open with the problem I discussed with you. Double clicking the mouse doesn't do anything. I have a small rectangle on my screen with my drawing in it, which I can zoom in and out of, but I can't get back to a full size screen. I am completely confined to working within this small screen. I can do a copyclip and move the drawing to another sheet and save it as a new drawing and I am back in business, but I can't get rid of the small rectangle if I stay in the same drawing. If I change to "Model" the problem is resolved but in "Model 2" I have the same rectangle but can't zoom in or out. Does this help you identify the problem? Thanks, Alan

Often when you get a very zoomed out screen, it is because there is an odd object or artifact way outside the drawing area.
You can try SELECT ALL and look for some odd thing floating out there.

You use a PDF maker that I am not familiar with, so I will tend to blame that, or perhaps your own possible lack of study of plotting (which takes a long time to master) for your troubles. Good luck!!!


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