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Mr. Deshawn:

I'm trying to plot "background fill" in an AutoCAD table object for column headers in a table.  Consistent sults I am not getting!  I get opaque results (also with the Acroplot utility) often and without explanation.  I have an earlier copy of mapping table chp2k.stb which I got from someone online (maybe you!)  Don't think I haven't struggled with this.  My plot styles disappear when files are copied.

It's obvious I don't have a grip on the situation.

Please help!

Very truly yours,

Sheldon Goodman

Yes, Sheldon.  CHP2K.stb did either come from me, or it was a translation of CHP2K.ctb.  If it was translated, I don't know which one of us translated it, and I don't work enough with .stb files to know right off the bat what's going on with it on your end.  If you don't send chp2k.stb to whomever else gets into the drawing, then, the backgrounds of the fields are going to plot according to the plot style they use.  Then when they save the drawing and give it back to you, you will have to reconfigure your page setup.  If this is what's going on, I recommend saving two page setups each with a name, and when you turn the drawing over to somebody else, give it to them with their page setup active, and when you work with it yourself, restore the page setup you need to plot at your office.  I work with color-dependent plot styles (.ctb).  When I plot with the chp2k.ctb file, color 255 screening is set for 0.  So the color will not plot, but can block as much as 0.0005" of whatever according to the draw order is behind the object with that color.  But in an STB plot style, I am noticing that there exist some plot styles within the plot style.  Yes that sounds funny, but I think if you send me your drawing and the chp2k.stb file too, I might be able to find a way to create an association between the background of the table and the 0 percent screening.  Are you trying to create a gray background or just a background for viewing against a particular color background like a white field against a black model space background that will not plot and be a clear field background?  Let me know and go to my website at
and click on my rotating "e" (for e-mail) to start your email program or right click on the image and scroll down to "Copy email address", paste the email address in a message to me and send me an email with the .DWG and the .stb file, and I'll have a look at it.

Bill DeShawn  


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