What is the best way to learn auto cad step by step?

Great question!

AutoCAD is not nearly as easy to learn as it was 22 years ago! The program has grown and changed so much. But there are also tons of on-line resources as well as those in the ACAD program itself.

I have not seen it, but I hear that the AutoCAD For Dummies book is a great tool! You can also begin by working across the ACAD ribbon. Start with the DRAW palette, when you hover over a command you get a tip to tell you what the command does. If you hover longer you get a little video. Pressing F1 will get you additional help on the commands.

Start with basic drawing elements: lines, circles, arcs, polylines (pline), and then text.
Basic editing tools: copy, move, rotate, mirror, stretch.

AutoCADs help menus are pretty good. There are lots of YouTube videos for ACAD. And the other thing to do is to join the AutoCAD Users Group International. AUGI basic membership is free and will allow you to access classes from Autodesk University - hand-outs and recordings that can help as well.

And then - practice, practice, practice!!!!! Learn 2D, then move on to the 3D!

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