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November 24, 2013

Dear Bill,

Color 253 is a grayscale "color."  And Color 255 is black/white, black in my case.  I don't believe this has anything to do with screening. I am looking for light grey shading for background on some of my cells.  The output device I am using is a black and white Brother laser printer.  I am not concerned right now about "color."  I don't know much about "draworder" and I don't see how it is relevant.  I'll try to be patient if you will be patient with me.

If I use 0% screening with the plot style I use for the layer upon which my table is drawn, then, when printed, my tables do not appear.

I don't really know how to email you because I am having trouble setting up an email account that accommodates your format.

Sorry for a little bit of a temper tantrum.  I have been trying to solve this problem for 2 years,

Very truly yours,


That's OK.  I understand.  

Now, if your color prints black, then screening is 100%.  So, if you want a grayscale, I'll change the screening on CHP2K FOR 253 to be something like, say 15%, then I'll convert it to STB like I did before.  Also, just in case, for your PC3 file that creates the PDF file (perhaps DWGtoPDF), make sure you go to Plottermanager, select the PC3 file, Select Graphics; Merge Control; Lines Merge.  I'm not sure this helps anymore, but just in case is simulates the old pen plotters, then, it should not ever allow a grayscale background to cover over a solid-line text.
I don't publish my email address on forums, so, if you tell me yours, or start a new question, but select Private instead before sending it, unless ALLEXPERTS allows you to do that to a reply, then I could send you the updated CHP2K.stb.

ALLEXPERTS does not allow me to have control whether or not a message is private.

Bill DeShawn


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