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QUESTION: How can I load toolbars in this profile, as is the only profile which let me draw electrical pipes and reconize the plot style assigned to page set up. I want to use toolbars. Also how can I use OSNAP in a middle of a command other then typing INT, ENDP, etc.

Widows 7


ANSWER: Command: -toolbar
Enter toolbar name or [ALL]: "standard, modify, or all"

You might want to turn off the ribbon too:

& to turn on your pulldowns:
Command: MENUBAR
Enter new value for MENUBAR <0>: 1

To set your object snaps:
F3 or
Command: OSNAP

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.

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QUESTION: Please review my question.
In the "AutoCAD 2011 US Imperial" profile, in this particular profile, the toolbars are not shown and cannot be uploaded with "-toolbar" command, except ETText, ETBlocks and ETStandards, all others are not found. Also if the OSNAP toolbar is missing, when I want to osnap (F3 is on) I cannot click to choose where to snap, I need to type (int, endp etc). I wish I will be able to attached the .las file - the profile.

Thank you!

Ok, sound like you're missing or the customization files are not loading. With the 'menuload' command, you should have your basic customization groups loaded. These are ACAD, MEP, EXPRESS...
If you don't see these loaded then try loading them thru Browse. These files typically have *.cuix file extensions & are located on your roaming user folder (c:/users/(username)/appdata/roaming/autodesk/(vertical product)/enu/support). The ones should be loaded are:


Let me know if this helps & will look at other ways.


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