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Need help, when we set up the layerstates we want to use in our drawing templete and then start a new drawing the layerstates come in but we get a dialog box that states: AutoCAD 2010 has detected LMAN express tools layer states and has automatically converted them to AutoCAD layer states. 2 lman layer state(s) conterted. Now the layer states that we set come in and the extra layer states are added. How can we stop the extra layer states from being added?  Tanks for your help

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the question. I have not had experience with this, and I could not duplicate it, so I went digging around on the internet and I found an article about it. Rather than pretend I know all about it, I am going to direct you there.

There is a .lsp routine out there to make this stop. It appears you could run it on your template, and then resave the template. I am assuming that when you say template you are talking about the .dwt file, but a .dwg is going to be the same way.
I am pretty sure this will work for you.

Part of my job is finding these kinds of things, so I hope this will do the trick for you!

Best Wishes,
Shauna Anderson


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