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Respected sir,
I am student of mechanical. I use autocad 2013. I am searching for job now. So in interview which type of question they will be ask in practicle and theory.
Thank you.

Hello Sanket, this topic is very subjective but in a typical interview process, i normally ask bahaviorally based questions. This is a part of the review process that helps me evalutate mostly about your personality. Typical questions i ask regarding attitude/approachability would be:
What made you decide to apply at (company)?
What can you contribute?
Tell me about yourself & your last class or job?

Questions re. motivation:
Describe the work environment in which your are most productive?
Have you ever given a project or an idea & make it concrete?
Give me an example of a time when you had set a goal for yourself and tell me how you went about accomplishing it?

Questions re. time management/detail oriented:
Tell me about a time when you were working to complete a task and you were asked to leave that task before completing it and start a different job?

Questions re. continuous improvement oriented:
Tell me about a time when you improved a task or job you were working on?          
Questions about dependability:          
When we call your previous employer or references, what are they likely to tell us in regards to your dependability/attendance
Tell me about a time when you demonstrated your dependability at work or school?          
Questions about strong work ethics:
Describe a time when you faced a stressful situation (deadlines) and how did you deal with that?          
Questions about integrity:
Tell me about a time when you demonstrated your credibility or integrity in school?          
Interpersonal skills:          
Tell me about a time when you disagreed with someone's actions or decisions at work/school? How did you approach the situation?
Describe a conflict you were involved in at work. How did you resolve the conflict?

Give an example of a successful project you were part of. What was your role? Why was the project successful?
What actions and support, in your experience, make a team function very successfully?
Have you been a member of a team that struggled or failed to accomplish its goal? If so, what assessment did you make of the reasons for the failure?          
When you have had a teacher or boss in the past, who fails to adequately communicate with you, how have you handled this?
How were you able to communicate with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you (or vice versa)?

What are the three most important values you demonstrate as a leader? Tell me an example demonstrating each of these leadership values in practice?
Have you ever been a member of a successful team? If so, describe the role you played on the team and in its success?
Give me an example of a time when you played a leadership role in an event, an activity, or a project. How did people respond?

These are just few ideas to help you prepare. Clearely, there's no right/wrong answers. Normally, the interviewer is just curious about your enthusiasm & the style of your responses. Good luck to your future interviews & please keep me posted!  


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