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QUESTION: Respected Sir,
I am student of mechanical.I just learned Autocad and i want to learn anothed cad software. So, which software will more helpfull me in Industries? I am from india (Gujarat).
Thank you sir.

ANSWER: In the industry of manufacturing, there are two other important programs to learn.  One is Inventor sold by Autodesk.  The other is Solidworks sold by Dassault Systèmes.  In the Architectural Industry, the popularity of Revit seems to have overcome AutoCAD and it Architectural vertical program called AutoCAD Architecture (formerly Architectural Desktop).  Good luck to you, Sanket, in your endeavors.

Bill DeShawn

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QUESTION: Sir, What about pro-e?

ANSWER: I purposely didn't mention PRO-E, because so few people are looking for those who are familiar with it.  It is and has always been the most expensive 3D CAD program you could ever buy.  Today, here in the United States where I live, there are almost no job openings requesting that you know Pro-E.  Almost all 3D CAD software being used by Engineers is either Solidworks or Inventor.

I hope this helps.

Bill DeShawn

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QUESTION: Thank you sir,
Sir, I want to do the Job at U.S.A..It's my dream n Aim. N I am very serious about that.
So, Sir what am i do for that. I am solid confusion about that. After learn Pro-e i will learn solidworks or Inventor.
So, Sir How i get the job & any job placement for me there?

I appreciate your enthusiasm for your dream and your dream job.  There are many sites that offer job assistance, but the one that I like the best is  But that's because I am seeking locally in the area in which I live.  But for you, you could also include  Sign on with them and they will email you new job postings of engineering and architectural jobs available all over the United States, and will do that daily.
Good luck to you.

Bill DeShawn


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I can address all 2-D questions and some 3-D questions. I do programming in AutoLISP if it doesn`t involve solid modeling. I can also address menu customization issues and can help you find answers to questions I can`t answer by taking your question directly to Autodesk via their newsgroups.


I used to do electronic and mechanical design for a flat panel monitor manufacturer, and now I do architectural drafting for an architect. I did and do AutoLISP and menu customization and take pride in making my lisp routines to do the work exactly the way the client likes them done.

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