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QUESTION: I work on AutoCAD 2013.  When sending files to a client who uses AutoCAD 2007, their AutoCAD crashes.  Files are created in AutoCAD 2013 and saved as AutoCAD 2000.

ANSWER: Hi Denise,

Thank you for your question. There are a few things that could be happening here. So I will lay some of them out so you can troubleshoot this. Hopefully one of these will be the problem and solution.

I am assuming that you are probably running 2013 in 64-bit Windows 7. If the client with the 2007 is running in 32-bit that could cause large files to not open. (Or to create a crash if ACAD is already running.) Try sending them a small file with just a few simple objects on it. If they can open that one with no problem, then this could be the issue.

Be sure that files are named without extra ascii characters.
Any fonts that are not Windows fonts can create problems also.
Finally, are you purging these drawings before they go?

You might try sending a file where you have purged everything. Anything that is on a layer that is turned off and is not actually part of the drawing should be removed also. If that works then that is the problem.

This is where I would start the troubleshooting. If none of these solves your problem, please reply back with EXACTLY the steps they are taking to open the file, (in ACAD or from Wondows?), and EXACTLY what happens, (loading partway and then stops, error message?)

Also you need to ensure that they have their 2007 updated. AtoCAD 2007 has 2 service packs and some hotfixes available from the Autodesk web site.

Please let me know how this turns out!

Best Wishes,
Shauna Anderson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for all of the suggestions Shauna.  I will start the troubleshooting process and let you know what works.  I am running 2013 in 32-bit Windows 7 and the client is running 2007 in 32-bit Windows 7.  I have the ability to upgrade to 64-bit Windows 8 but was worried about compatibility issues (ironic isn't it?)  What are your thoughts on this?

Hi Denise,

64 Bit is such a better program! But it would probably be good to stay in 32 bit until this job is complete. You sure don't want to add more fuel to the fire!

If you have a spare computer you could load the 64 bit onto just to test it that might be helpful. Troubleshooting is all about removing one item at a time to find the source.
Do all drawings from you crash?
Does the crashing file happen on more than one computer the client owns?
Does a drawing created from a different computer crash?
Then you start with the components of the drawing...

If this is a big awful rush, you might try DXFOUT. You get several dxf formats. I would try 2000, and R12. Then they can DXFIN.

Best Wishes,


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