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AutoCAD/resize locked viewport?


Hi Bill,  I think this is a simple question but I can't find the answer anywhere.  I am working on a set of drawings in AC 2012 on a PC.  I made a couple of layouts that I want to plot to .pdf.  When I go to plot, my viewport boundary actually shows in the preview and print.  The size also got messed up so now it is cutting off some of the information in the layout.  The strange part is I can't edit it.  If I try to select it it is as if it's not there. It won't let me select it, look at properties, scale etc.  

I did an audit and purge yesterday so I'm hoping I didn't somehow mess up my viewports. I know there must be a way to unlock them but I've looked in books, online, etc. and I only find info on how to create a new viewport which wouldn't help because the layout is already done in that one.

Do you know how I can unlock this viewport so I can fix the size?  

Thank you!!!!

A couple of things could be at play here.  First, make sure that the layer upon which the viewport is placed is not locked.  But if you can't select it, then you won't know what layer it's on.  OK.  Maybe that's not it.  Drawing errors, possibly?  You ran the Audit command and fixed all errors that the audit could find.  However, there is still a better method than audit.  Close the drawing, and use the RECOVER command to open the drawing.  The audit that RECOVER performs, is much better than running the AUDIT command.  These days, I never use the OPEN command.  I audit before saving, and I always open with the RECOVER command.  I set that up in ACAD.PGP or ALIASEDIT.  OP = RECOVER  (Instead of OPTIONS or OPEN).  For me, I change the OPTIONS alias to OPT.  

If you can't get this still, instead of me guessing what it might be, you can go to this website:
Look for my email icon at the bottom of the page, and send me the drawing attached to an email.  I check it out and try to figure out why that's happening and get back to you.  If I fix it and don't know how I fixed it (that can happen), I'll just send back the fixed drawing.

Bill DeShawn


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