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When your drawing has multiple viewports is there a way or trick to have all text and or dimensions be the same height?  I have multiple viewports in a drawing and because i have zoomed up on some views the text looks different sizes.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the question. This can absolutely be done. There are several approaches, and I will start with my preferred method and give you four ways to do this.

Very best (in my not so humble opinion) is to use annotative text. If you go to Style and look at your text styles you can check the box that says Annotative. You also set a height that you want the text height to be if you were to insert text on the layout. We use 1/8" on most drawings. Then when you insert your text through the viewport it will become the size needed to look correct.

This is pretty slick. The settings for annotative objects sit on the bottom frame of the drawing. They are meant to resemble the end of an architect/engineer scale. Have heard it referred to as a propeller and a snowflake. The one on the left has a light bulb in front of it. If the light bulb is off you see only the text for that viewport. If you toggle it so the light bulb is on, you will see all of the text in all viewports at all different sizes. (Don't want that)
The one on the right has a lightning bolt over it. If it is turned on, and the scale of the viewport changes, the text will automatically update. It has to be on before you change the VP scale. If something does not appear quite right, click on these buttons and it will straighten itself out almost every time. Occasionally I have had to just get rid of something and redo it. But that was because of my own error. This takes a bit of practice, but it is the cleanest and the easiest once you have wrapped your mind around it. :)

Plan B: You put all your text in on the layout where it should be, and then you use Changespace (CHS) to move it to the model and ACAD will do the math & scaling for you. This works poorly if you are using the same view in multiple view ports. Otherwise it works real well. If a viewport changes you have to redo it.

Plan C: You do all your text in the layout. Guessing that is not an option, but it does work.

Plan D: (I hate this one, but I know a lot of people use it) You create layers with different text heights on each text layer. Then you use the different layers for the different viewports. The advantage of this is that you can have multiple text in the same view, but you are using layers to control the visibility of it. I've also seen dimensions done this way.

Hope that is helpful to you!

Best Wishes,
Shauna Anderson


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