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Using autocad 2012. I've been trying to find a way to change the architectural dimension format of feet-inches-fractions, to show the distance in inches and fractions only. Meaning, rather than, for example-- 7'3-3/8," to 87-3/8." I had hoped it was a system variable, or something that didn't require scripting to accomplish.
I've looked in the "Units" setting, in "Options," and "Autodesk Exchange." So far nothing. Can you please help?

(defun dnerr (msg)
  (if msg (princ msg))
  (if os (setvar "osmode" os))
  (if post (setvar "dimpost" post))
  (if dlun (setvar "dimlunits" dimlun))
  (setq *error* olderr)
(defun c:diminch (/ os post dlun)
  (command "_.undo" "_g")
  (setq olderr *error* *error* dnerr)
  (setq post (getvar "dimpost"))
  (setq dlun (getvar "dimlunit"))
  (setq os (getvar "osmode"))
  (prompt "\nPick Dimension:  ")
  (setvar "osmode" 512)
  (command "" pause)
  (command "dim1" "_.restore" "" "@" "_.dimpost"
    (chr 34) "dimlunit" "5"  "dim1" "_.update" "@" "")
  (setvar "osmode" os)
  (setvar "dimpost" post)
  (setvar "dimlunit" dlun)
  (if c:r (c:r))
  (setq *error* olderr)
  (command "_.undo" "_end")

Coppy the above code to a text file and save it as DIMINCH.lsp.
Place the LSP file in the Support File Search Path and then load it.  (Type in at the command line: (load "DIMINCH").  Then select a dimension to convert it.

If this doesn't work for you, then, let me know, and we'll work on another solution.
Bill DeShawn


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